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U (Shizuoka Prefecture, 25 male employees, civil servants) of may at Ascom Card loan experience diary boast to say that is not me is the gaming geeks acknowledged.
Even though not game for their hobby to play the game. And with sense of accomplishment heading the strategy yourself, to clear.
I’m game for me is so rewarding game. First had mean final fantasy and Dragon Quest I normally I was immersed in the road game is more then happy with is not, from my PC came into the hands of Western adventure game addictive, Now a doujin game…
To get out for games in the personal selfishness, now enjoy.
It does not do the game by the way, are holed up, alone, is now working properly. At the local Government Office work.
To say in a loud voice will enjoy the game, place back on time, so time is secured firmly.
But I said I do not chose public service to the…, well it is your left to the imagination the.
I have all games if you see people too may not good impression, but not multiply spam to anyone, and my daily were satisfied to be like.
In the fun on the net discussing some mystery of the strategy of the game and the story can be eliminated and the stress. Because game can work well and enjoy socialising.
Is that your I think femininity.
There is just one problem,… it was that had begun to run specs PC specs that require game now.
It is not required it would have by now become game recently, CG, modeling techniques are quite nervous, with the reality of a high-accuracy of course PC specs reasonable things.
Every time I had been converted or add a hard disk yourself, but it is also another limit in movement is choppy or stops loading, in the long-awaited game IRA I get.
Replacing a computer from and will again directly to the crisis of everyday life as I now have, and think.
So, try to find PC spec can be satisfied in a PC shop and at 100000 JPY managed to be.Is not it take longer to make cards, and it was recommended I can be too installment from the shop clerk, first place doesn’t have credit cards?
But I cashes just buy a PC and enjoy live games.
I live life without the game’s not worth it.
It was may seem exaggerated, but really is at that time, was prompted by that grim feeling.
It is, in certain signs are brought to attention.
It was a sign of ACOM.
Then it struck me.
Immediately to finance loans if, after slowly separating good hopefully repay.
In other words can be used as much credit card installments, but money can buy a PC soon.
Was struck by lightning and the feeling that when you say I guess.
And soon I was to include loan application from the Smartphone.
Requested amount is 100000 Yen in the PC’s exactly.
Was the amount of what I’m able to pass less 1 hour review, but I don’t know what thanks had a proven track record of public service and once worked, have financed the 100000 Yen safely replacing a computer.
Will send daily from it comfortably immersed in the game, filled with safe, mentally and physically.
Don’t tell me man, one two had a hobby can be absorbed better.
I’m really think at that point I’m glad game.
Oh, repayment of course properly continued increasingly. Go crazy life balance also to be neglected?
To enjoy the game to work properly I so firmly continue to pay off.
In a world of social games from simple, hard core, was a game like U’s hot talk.
Society likes to lay down everything else their stance one wrong move is a dangerous thing, but when his neat, tight working there who is, so to speak, said that life partner games I guess.
Such partners… and also said that his crisis.
ACOM was helped as soon as possible to have his life itself is dangerous situations.
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