The “EU finance” loan summary? Word of mouth research review

“Big Ron” is “you finance” is a relatively new consumer financial headquarters in Taito-ku, say debt consolidation and mortgage-backed products, but emphasis is.
“Big Ron” brings you the best products, a large number of loans and the best refinance loan into the loan amount is. Review of EU finance & register here for company name company UCS (EU finance) abbreviation you Finance Corporation / personal Corporation business content total consumer financing business and financial consultancy located in Tokyo, Taito-ku, Kojima 2-14-5. Mori Bldg. 7f phone number 03-5829-6990 product spec big loan available amount of registration numbers Tokyo Metropolitan Governor (4) No. 29876 of member associations ‘unifinance. 1 million yen ~ 7 million yen interest rate per annum 7.30%~15.0%
Mortgage repayment method equal principal and interest (up to 120 times) and prepared in advance because the guarantor needed big loan application identification (driver’s license or insurance card, passport, etc.) and income certificate required. Real estate secured loans available amount 1 million yen-30 million yen interest rate per annum 4.5%~15.0% repayments equal how debt (up to 10 years), bulk payment guarantee those principles required collateral land, building, and other required examination: contract when the
Documentation required for seal registration certificate, seal and right card real estate secured loans, other personal identification documents, certified buildings, land, public figure, etc., so income certificate is required to be prepared in advance.
When I go to stores after application how to apply see VIC lawn”is a finished application from the Internet registration form in advance and finished the application, put the phone that takes online reservations necessary documents to bring together and take an examination.
Hours are weekdays 10: 00-18:00, the 2nd and 4th Saturdays 1-: 00-needs 15:00 up on weekends and holidays are closed, so in the meantime go to stores.
Wish to loan the same day see you FINAS”review, at the earliest time said about 2 days, so not recommended.
Flow from application to lending to complete the application, go to the “online application” from the official site ↓ formal examination is done on you finance.
Down time if you took in the way when you finance with, listen to the results of the first round, had to go through to the preliminary online screening to come to the store to reserve.
↓ arrive at the scheduled time, to submit the required documents here, enters a final judgment.プロミス 大阪此花区